(PRESS RELEASE:  January 23, 2018)

Moms Want Vaccine Laws to Stay in Place

JACKSON—Mississippi parents strongly favor vaccinations and they’re speaking out about it.

A group of Mississippi moms who support the state’s vaccine laws got the word out on Tuesday at the State Capitol. The Give Me A Shot Moms issued a simple call to Mississippi Legislators—“Keep Mississippi’s Vaccine Laws In Place.”

Heather Rifkin is a Give Me A Shot Mom and a mother of two from Hattiesburg. During Tuesday’s press conference, she called on lawmakers to keep doing what they are doing right.

“Mississippi is a model when it comes to vaccine laws,” she said. “Because our state leaders in the Health Department and the Legislature follow the facts, not clickbait fake science that anyone can find on the darker regions of the internet.

“The forces that want to weaken our vaccine laws aren’t malicious; they’re just misguided,” Rifkin said. “But a great deal of harm could come to Mississippi children if our vaccine laws are weakened.”

Amanda Vizier is a Give Me A Shot Mom from Jackson. She has two children and her daughter, Chloe, has juvenile arthritis and is immunocompromised. For Vizier, the issue is personal.

“Because of her condition, Chloe is vulnerable to diseases that her body just can’t fight off,” Vizier said. “Any encounter with a non-immunized child carrying mumps or measles could be devastating to my little girl.”

“Give Me a Shot” is a web-based, Mississippi public health campaign launched this week by the Mississippi Immunization Task Force—a coalition of health care leaders who support immunizations against preventable childhood diseases.

To educate and inform parents and the community at large, the campaign emphasizes the importance of timely vaccinations and empowers families to stay informed and stay on schedule with life-saving immunizations.

Comprising the Mississippi Immunization Task Force are the Mississippi State Department of Health, Mississippi State Medical Association, the Mississippi Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, the March of Dimes, the Mississippi Academy of Family Physicians, the University of Mississippi Medical Center, Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital, Gri5th Media, and Maris, West & Baker.

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